Teofil Ioan Ştiop

The artist Teofil Ioan Ştiop, asserts himself, first of all, through preoccupation for painting and also for other areas of visual arts such as video art or installation. Even though his debut, marked by the personal exhibition Chimeric Kaleidoscope at the “Țării Crișurilor” Museum from Oradea, was on April 9, 2003, the artist stood out before this moment by participating in several national and international group exhibitions. Since then, his exhibition activity has been substantially enriched. Meanwhile, his creative preoccupations were synchronized with other complementary fields, of which, perhaps the most important is artistic education, Teofil Ioan Ştiop took benefit from a rich university activity within the Faculty of Arts from Oradea since 2000 until now.

In the works of Teofil Ioan Știop, the art does not abandon itself to the discourse in a sterile manner, but the discourse is instead subordinated to the art, but without losing, in carnival-like amalgams, its deep meanings, its secondary sounds. The mentioned plastic surgery allows the painter to leave in suspension some paintings in terms of framing, it gives him the ability to focus on some interest areas, against the grain of almost any compositional canon. It’s just this fortunate collaboration of the idea with the plastic mastery, of the indulgently-amused understanding of the world with its representation, using a pictorial alphabet that’s freestanding, tough but translucent, with heavy strokes, but somehow transparent, that places Teofil Ioan Știop in the broad daylight of the art of painting, that makes him one of the most interesting painters of nowadays.

Aurel Chiriac

Atelierul artistului, 2017, foto Adrian Sulyok

Day and place of birth: 
28.08.1977, Huedin


Graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Oradea, 2000, and of the Faculty of Social-Human Sciences, Oradea, 2004.

PhD in visual arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timișoara, 2009.

Senior lecturer (associate professor) at the Faculty of Arts in Oradea

Contact info:
Home address: Oradea, str. Gheorghe Costaforu, nr. 23, ap. 7
E-mail: teofilstiop@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +40 770 696 131 


2003 – Caleidoscopul himeric (The Chimerical Kaleidoscope), “Țării Crișurilor” Museum, Oradea 2009 – ARS dantesca combinatoria, Moara Răsărit, Oradea 2011 – ICON/XXI, Krypta Gallery, Vienna 2012 – Kanon, Finnischen Seemannskirche Gallery, Hamburg 2018 – Pictofabule (Pictofables), “Țării Crișurilor” Museum, Oradea 2022 – Cornucopia, National Museum, Przemyśl, Poland Some of the group exhibitions: 1999 – Ars Varadini, Vajda Lajos Stúdió, Szentendre 2000 – Babel XX, the gallery of the Oradea Fortress 2003 – Bienala de desen (The Drawing Biennial), Delta Gallery, Arad 2008 – Utopii contemporane (Contemporary Utopias), Mansarda Gallery, Timișoara 2009 – Kribis Krabis Festival, Valdaora 2010 – Să nu ucizi (Do Not Kill), Timco Gallery, Timișoara 2011 – Fragmentarium (personal duo with Cantemir Meşter), Vojtech Loffler Museum, Košice 2012 – Confluențe (Confluences), Gradski Museum, Vršac 2012 – Luminessences, Rencontres Jean Jaurès, Vieux-Charmont 2015 – Salonul Orădean de Artă (Oradea Art Salon), the National Art Museum of Moldova, Kishinev 2015 – Memoria imaginii (Memory of the Image), “Țării Crișurilor” Museum, Oradea 2010-2016 – Video Art Event, Oradea-Milano 2006, 2015, 2018 – The International Triennial The Silver Square, Przemyśl 2018 – Reperaj 2, Reperaj Gallery, Oradea 2019 – Pas de deux, Reperaj Gallery, Oradea 2019 – Dall'Est all'Ovest, Academia di Romania, Roma, Italy 2021 – Ocheanul întors, Reperaj Galery, Oradea 2023 – Salva Ucraina, Gallery of the Parliament Palace, Bucharest


Imagine și transtextualitate. Incursiune în iconologia dantescă (Image and Transtextuality. Incursion into the Dantean Iconology), Editura Universității din Oradea, 2016

Structuri compoziționale în artele vizuale (Compositional Structures in the Visual Arts), course on composition, Editura Universității din Oradea, 2016, ISBN: 978-606-10-1813-0

Explorări compoziționale în artele vizuale (Compositional Explorations in the Visual Arts), course materials, Editura Universității din Oradea, 2016, ISBN: 978-606-10-1814-7


2015 – Honorable Mention of the Jury, at the International Triennial The Silver Square, Przemyśl

2016 – The Special Prize of the Jury: Special Triennial Award for Outstanding Artistic Personality, at the International Triennial The Silver Square, Przemyśl

Atelierul artistului 2017, foto Adrian Sulyok
Realizarea instalației ARS dantesca combinatoria @ Moara-Răsărit, Oradea 2009, foto George Staicu
Atelierul artistului 2017, foto Adrian Sulyok
Atelierul artistului 2020, foto Zoltan Barany

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