Entropic Delight

Entropic delight

199.5x129.5 cm, oil, acrylic and spray on canvas, 2020
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The irreversibility of time and the joys that make us forget this relentless truth represent the ideational core of the work. The scene is monopolized by the seemingly trivial carousel which is decorated with some pictorial scenes. They are alluding to the series of medieval tapestries made by Jean Bondol and Nicholas Bataille, housed in the castle of Angers, which represent the four riders of the Apocalypse. In this horizon of the passage, the "knights" on theatrical toy horses tend to join the immortalized apocalyptic riders, not before being dissolved in the most pleasant manner by the centrifugal movement of the carousel. Offspring (nu pot să o deschid sa vad daca are traducerea in eng., o pun aici in caz ca nu are) (120x80 cm, oil on canvas, 2020), contact the artist for additional information Unlike the other compositions, Offspring presents a framework that is much more concrete and personal. The work is a self-portrait of the artist with his son, in an idyllic setting of trees in blossom, in which the two characters give the impression of melting, as if dissolving in the landscape, in contrasts with the almost photographic concreteness of the image. The presence of the work in the series is under the sign of the counterpoint; its personal character gives a much more intimate connotation to the interpretation of the other works.

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