Melancholia, 183×130 cm, tempera, acrilic și cărbune pe pânză, 2013
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Melancholia is the first work in the series of paintings where, starting from representations of immediate reality objects gathered in various heaps, more or less chaotic, some socio-cultural problematics are suggested that are specific to our contemporary world. In this case, the choice of the heap of windows raises questions regarding the quality and nature of human communication, as the window is, par excellence, a symbol of opening, of the interface between the interior and the exterior. The association of this symbolism with the phantasmal shape of the polyhedron frustum extracted from the engraving Melancholia I by Dürer, often interpreted as a plastic expression of the limits of human knowledge, amplifies the initial meaning of the heap of windows, but also offers a possible key for an interpretation of the painting.

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